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To protect the environment, protect forest resources, we are producing supper clean coconut charcoal in Ben Tre. Our products are made from coconut shells, are exported to Japan, Korea, Taiwan market; as well as, domestic consumption.

Supper clean coconut charcoal is produced environmentally friendly, are used in restaurants specializing in barbecue, grilled travel, picnic, barbecue or garden used for heating and cooking in civil.

1. Advantages of the product:

-          Longer burning time wood charcoal, mangrove charcoal.

-          No odor

-          Do not smoke

-          High temperature

-          95% coconut shell charcoal, 5%: starch binder.

-          Contains no chemicals. gas is not toxic to health, contrary to the common types of firewood, made from coal, the combustion gases generated hazardous to health.

2. Size lumps of charcoal:

-          Outer diameter 4.5 cm, diameter of 1 cm, length of 4.5 cm.

-          Weight 50g/a pellet (out of 20 members, the corresponding 1 kg of charcoal).

-          Close 20kg of coal into 1 carton

3. How to use:

-          Option 1: Use 2 sheets of A4 paper or a quarter of  paper placed on the coal stove, the coal up fire, burning paper and wait to catch fire pellet charcoal and you can start your cooking.

-          Option 2: Use coal stove to tinderbox. Pick up pellet charcoal, burning many again below  and then you can cook immediately.

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